Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping

Since May 2017, Nemo Peeters has taken over the direction of the Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping facility. TPMP is a part of the Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions (LIPM - UMR441-2594 INRA-CNRS)

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Financed by funds from FEDER and the region Midi-Pyrénées to 3.2M€ (2012-2014), this platform, recently created by INRA, FRAIB and the LabEx TULIP, is composed of a plant phenotyping platform constructed in April 2015 and a microbial phenotyping platform constructed in 2013. The TPMP reinforces the links with the competitiveness cluster, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, and with various industries such as Syngenta and Biogemma. 

Dominique Roby, Coordinator of the LabEx TULIP, and Jacques Batut, Director of the FR AIB until the end of 2015, provided scientific support for the TPMP construction project.

Julie Cullimore, deputy director of the FR AIB, acted as operational coordinator from January 2016 to May 2017.

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