Plant growth facilities

Plant growth facilities

Amongst the shared equipment of the FR AIB, certain plant culture facilities (greenhouses and growth chambers) are available for use by the research teams. The use of these FR AIB facilities is overseen by a committee comprising members of the various research units.

Available facilities

  • A total of 5 growth chambers for the culture of Lycopersicum microtom (I chamber; 13m2 surface total) and either Arabidopsis thaliana or Medicago truncatula (4 chambers; 20 m2 surface total).
  • A greenhouse of 160 m2 total comprising 3 independent modules (45 m2 each). In addition to the plants grown in the chambers, the greenhouse is adapted for growing both Nicotiana tabacum and Solanum lycopersicum.
  • Additional greenhouse facilities as well as field culture facilities are provided by Biogemma.
  • An automated plant phenotyping platform including a greenhouse (150m2) and 6 growth chambers equipped with Lemnatec Robotics will open by the end of 2014 (INRA, FEDER-Région Midi Pyrénées funding).
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