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The Centre for Biological Resources dedicated to Plant Genomics

Created in 2004 by INRA (BAP Dept) and located on the INRA Toulouse campus (Auzeville), the principle role of the CNRGV is to conserve and provide genomic resources for both model and crop plants.

These quality-guaranteed biological resources are available to both national and international (public and private) research laboratories. To achieve this goal the CNRGV makes use of dedicated equipment and specialized technology for creating, stocking and distributing large-scale collections. As a consequence, the CNRGV is an active member of numerous international consortiums, providing both resources and essential expertise for plant genomic research programs.

Services provided by the CNRGV:

  • Construction and conservation of genomic collections
  • Production and distribution of genomic samples and tools (screening of genomic libraries, sequencing….)
  • Contribution to plant genomic programs
  • Providing training and welcoming international teams


Specialized equipment:

  • High-throughput robotics (QPixSXT-Genetix) for: duplication, gridding, colony picking, library reorganization
  • High-throughput pipeting robotics (LabStar-Hamilton and Janus-Perkin Elmer) for: generating bacterial pools, high-throughput PCR, automatic DNA extraction
  • Pulsed-field electrophoresis
  • Real-time quantitative PCR (LightCycler 480-Roche and CFX384-Bio-Rad)
  • New generation Sequencer (454 Junior Roche)


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Who is this couple that hits the headlines of the newspapers? Who has so much to say, tweets and overshadows the GMO debate? No, it’s not a new star couple. The name of this duo is CRISPR/Cas9. It enables the easy and accurate modification of DNA, the source of genetic information in living organisms. This technique is becoming so essential that it earned the Science’s 2015 Breakthrough of the Year award.
The CNRGV is a national infrastructure unique in France offering genomic resources and innovative tools to the international scientific community. Currently, the CNRGV hosts more than 47 Million clones coming from more than 460 genomic libraries of model and crop plants.

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