Agrobiosciences, Interactions and Biodiversity Research Federation



19 September 2023

Lynn Margulis auditorium - AgroBiosciences building - Auzeville-Tolosane

Forum 2023: LabEx TULIP / FR AIB

The FR AIB and LabEx TULIP jointly organise their annual forum on October 12 and 13 in the brand-new Agrobiosciences building. The first half-day will focus on the FRAIB environment, with an overview of the technological facilities, followed by Young Scientists talks, granted in 2022. During the following afternoon and Friday, TULIP LabEx will present a program combining presentations by its members and international guests.
bandeau appel à projet 2023
Two distinct projects can be submitted. The first call concerns projects led by researchers from at least two different laboratories from the FR AIB. The second call concerns young scientists (PhD students, post-docs, engineers on fixed-term contracts).
Mark Gleason is Professor of Plant Pathology at the Iowa State University and was President of the American Phytopathological Society in 2020-2021. He will present his work and projects at a seminar on 23 September at 11am in the FR AIB seminar room.
Camille Parmesan
The current Director of SETE, Camille Parmesan, shares her enthusiasm for science, her passion for butterflies and her commitment to climate. This portrait shows her vitality, clairvoyance and combative spirit that are as many remedies to solastalgia*.


Meeting room

Check and book meeting and conference rooms in the Plant biotechnology and AgroBioScience building.

About our research federation

The Agrobiosciences, Interactions and Biodiversity Research Federation (FR AIB) brings together the principle Toulouse research teams in the fields of plant biology and microbiology, molecular and experimental ecology , and in the analysis of biodiversity. In 2011, FR AIB research units were jointly awarded funding by the TULIP LabEx project.

400 people from Biology to Ecology to perform in quality research at the service of the agriculture, the environment & the biodiversity.