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Cell Imaging

Cell Imaging

The FR AIB imagery platform (resp. C. Pouzet) is a member of TRI-GENOTOUL (Midi-Pyrenees Imagery Network). Carrying the IBISA label end certified ISO9001:2008 (LRQA: Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance), the platform provides both facilities and technical expertise to the various FR AIB teams who require high quality scientific images for their research projects.

Field of activity

The platform covers a wide range of imaging techniques including photonic, electronic, image analysis and restoration, video microscopy and photon counting. The platform staff (6 members in total) participate to different extents in the various imagery projects, ranging from direct collaborations with FR AIB research teams to providing specific services requested by external companies.

TRI-GENOTOUL: 3 shared competence fields in Midi-Pyrénées Imagery Network

Platforms of TRI-GENOTOUL Imagery network combine the skills and facilities to support you in developing your scientific project in the field of life sciences.

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