Propose a seminar

Propose a seminar

Promoting scientific exchanges
The research federation provides financial and logistical support for the invitation of known scientists (French or foreign) , on the initiative of its scientists: grants (€800 maximum), dissemination of information, provision of resources, etc.

Thursday 11am slots are booked for seminars, which generally take place in the Lynn Margulis auditorium (Pôle AgroBioSciences, Auzeville-Tolosane). However, seminars can also be organised in other places within the perimeter of member laboratories.

Propose a seminar

  1. Complete the linked application form.
  2. Send it to, which will send you an opinion within 10 days. Eligibility criteria: theme of collective interest, scientific relevance, invitation that is not part of the unit's regular activities (thesis committee/jury, project follow-up meeting, etc.), young or confirmed speaker.
  3. If the FR supports your request, we will make the reservation via the Lynn Margulis room reservation interface. Your laboratory will manage the invitations (hotel reservations, travel, associated costs) and FRAIB will then send your laboratory an adjustment order for reimbursement of the costs incurred.
  4. If your seminar project is not supported by FRAIB, it is up to you to finance it (team, laboratory). The FR AIB can nevertheless ensure communication (website, newsletter).

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