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The platform GeT provides cutting-edge equipment and expertise in the fields of new generation sequencing, genotyping and and transcriptome analysis to the FR AIB scientific community. GeT is localized at 5 different sites, all close to research laboratories.

Part of GenoToul, GeT open its offer to any kind of public.

GeT possesses the following equipment:

  • Next generation sequencing (1 PacBio RSII, 3 MinION, 2 HiSeq3000 Illumina, 3 MiSeq Illumina, Chromium 10x, Ion S5 Thermo, Ion PGM Thermo)
  • Single cell analysis (C1 Fluidigm, Chromium 10x)
  • Genotyping (BioMark Fluidigm)
  • Nano volumes Quantitative PCR (BioMark Fluidigm)


Logos IBISA, ISO9001, Inv.Avenir

The GeT and Bioinformatics core facilities have reinforced their partnership on next-generation sequencing.

The GeT-PlaGe platform is a member of France Genomics program (called "appel Infrastructures nationales 2010 des investissements d’avenir"). This platform received some labels such as "IBiSA", is recognized as a strategic platform by INRA (CNOC) since 2008 and is certified ISO9001: 2008 for the quality of its offer.

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