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Located at Moulis in the Ariège region in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the SETE experimental unit comprises a collection of specialized facilities dedicated to ecology research.

Objectives of the SETE unit

  • Refine theoretical models describing the functioning of ecological systems,
  • Provide predictions for the consequences in terms of major environmental changes due to modifications of natural habitats and climatic changes.


La station dispose de grands appareils expérimentaux permettant l’étude des communautés d’espèces en milieux semi-controlés.

SETE Facilities

  • Two natural caves adapted for laboratory studies
  • One greenhouse of 750 m2
  • One aviary of 520 m2
  • One metatron* of 4 ha
  • Equipment for molecular and cellular biology, physiology and surgery
  • Populations of invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles

* Metatron: An experimental facility comprising a total of 48 “population cages” (100 m2 per cage), each containing communities of animal and plant species, and which can be independently regulated for temperature, humidity and sunshine exposure. The cages are interconnected by passages which allow species to freely migrate from one environment to another. This unique facility is being used to study the effects of climate on the functioning of ecological systems and in particular in the context of global warming.

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