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Basic training

TULIP Summer school
The FR AIB aims to adapt and improve the training provided as a function of the needs of modern research. In addition, the federation encourages the active participation of its staff in various training programs, both at the university level and within local “écoles d’ingénieurs”, in the fields of plant sciences, ecology and microbiology.

The Federation training courses consist in:

  • Doctoral training with the SEVAB (Toulouse University)

The FRAIB welcomes students who are part of the École Doctorale SEVAB in the following 3 fields:
    - Ecology, biodiversity and evolution,
    - Plant growth and development,
    - Plant-microbe interactions.

  • Master degree

The FRAIB welcomes students who are preparing a research master in the fields of “ecology, biodiversity and evolution”, “plant sciences” and “microbiology”, and particularly from the following masters...

  • Master in "Biotechnology"
    • M2 "Molecular microbiology"
  • Master in "Ecology"
    • M2 "Ecology & evolution"
  • Masters in "Plant biology"
    • M2 "Adaptation, development and plants improvement in the presence of microorganisms"
    • M2 "Plant ecology and environment"