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Scientific Highlights 2014

High-throughput genetics and phenotyping, or how to unravel plant

High-throughput genetics and phenotyping, or how to unravel plant quantitative resistance to a root pathogen

The root parasite Aphanomyces euteiches is the main pathogen of pea in Europe and is also an important limiting factor of alfalfa production in USA....
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Silene latifolia

A Quantitative Genetic Signature of Senescence in a Short-Lived Perennial Plant

The evolution of senescence (the physiological decline of organisms with age) poses an apparent paradox because it represents a failure of natural...
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Hirondelle à front blanc

Avoiding pitfalls in estimating heritability with the common options approach

Heritability (i.e. the heredity of differences) is a central parameter of evolutionary sciences, as evolution by natural selection or drift can only...
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An integrated analysis of plant and bacterial

An integrated analysis of plant and bacterial gene expression in symbiotic root nodules using laser-capture microdissection coupled to RNA sequencing

Rhizobium-induced root nodules are specialized organs for symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Indeterminate-type nodules are formed from an apical meristem...
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A "B plan" for Biodiversity ?

The most threatened mammal group on Earth, Madagascar’s five endemic lemur families (lemurs are found nowhere else), represent more than 20% of the...
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Transient Hypermutagenesis Accelerates the Evolution of Legume Endosymbionts following Horizontal Gene Transfer

Horizontal gene transfer has an extraordinary impact on microbe evolution and diversification, by allowing exploration of new niches such as higher...
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Structural and functional partitioning of bread wheat chromosome 3B

Publication of the first reference sequence of the biggest bread wheat chromosome. Thanks to an international collaboration, coordinated by INRA...
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Barbeau <i>Barbus barbus</i>

Species traits and phylogenetic conservatism of climate-induced range shifts in stream fishes

Understanding climate-induced range shifts is crucial for biodiversity conservation. However, no general consensus has so far emerged about the...
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herbarium specimen

From museums to genomics: old herbarium specimens shed light on a C3 to C4 transition

Collections of specimens held by natural history museums are invaluable material for biodiversity inventory and evolutionary studies, with specimens...
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Multihost Experimental Evolution of the Pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum Unveils Genes Involved in Adaptation to Plants

Ralstonia solanacearum, the causal agent of a lethal bacterial wilt plant disease, infects an unusually wide range of hosts. These hosts can further...
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