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Liste des publications 2022 de l'ensemble des laboratoires composant la FR AIB (IF 2021). Éléments collectés et consolidés par Solange Cassette, documentaliste à la fédération. Publications list in 2022 of all members of FR AIB laboratories (IF 2021). Items collected and consolidated by Solange Cassette, library ressources manager.


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Acker P, Schaub M, Besnard A, Monnat J-Y, Cam E (2022). Can attraction to and competition for high-quality habitats shape breeding propensity? Journal of Animal Ecology, 91: 933-945.EDB -5,606>>>
Albert G, Gauzens B, Loreau M, Wang S, Brose U (2022). The hidden role of multi-trophic interactions in driving diversity-productivity relationships. Ecology Letters, 25: 405-415.SETE -11,274>>>
Alp M, Cucherousset J (2022). Food webs speak of human impact: using stable isotope-based tools to measure ecological consequences of environmental change. Food Webs, 30: e00218.EDB -2,200>>>
Araza A, de Bruin S, Herold M, Quegan S, Labrière N, Rodriguez-Veiga P, Avitabile V, Santoro M, Mitchard ETA, Ryan CM, Phillips OL, Willcock S, Verbeeck H, Carreiras J, Hein L, Schelhaas M-J, Pacheco-Pascagaza AM, Bispo PdC, Laurin GV, Vieilledent G, Slik F, Wijaya A, Lewis SL, Morel A, Liang J, Sukhdeo H, Schepaschenko D, Cavlovic J, Gilani H, Lucas R (2022). A comprehensive framework for assessing the accuracy and uncertainty of global above-ground biomass maps. Remote Sensing of Environment, 272: 112917.EDB -13,850>>>
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Baguette M, Bataille B, Stevens VM (2022). Evolutionary ecology of fixed alternative male mating strategies in the ruff (Calidris pugnax). Diversity-Basel, 14: 307.SETE -3,029>>>
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