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Technology Transfer

The nature and the quality of the research performed by the FR AIB teams represent a valuable resource for biotechnical and industrial development.
transfert de technologie

Principal applications:

  • Nod factors and symbiotic endomycorrhizal signals to improve legume crop yields,
  • The AtMYB30 hypersensitive response gene regulator for improving resistance in diverse plant species (oil-seed rape and other Brassicae),
  • Elicitors and stimulators of natural plant defenses, the biotechnological production of the endomycorrhizal inoculum,
  • Fruit quality (aromas, sugar-content, texture, parthenocarpy),
  • Feed value of maize silage and eucalyptus wood quality (wood pulp, bioenergy, biofuel….),
  • Polluant detection in the environment

In addition, the plant biotechnology company BIOGEMMA (laboratory of Mondonville -31) is associated with the FR AIB.

The principal objectives of BIOGEMMA are to obtain information about genetic variability, with the goal of exploiting them either for the development of transgenic cereals or to produce molecular markers for different selection programs.
BIOGEMMA collaborates with FR laboratories on the following research themes:

  • Resistance to pathogenic fungi and to parasites
  • Resistance to water stress
  • Efficient nitrogen assimilation