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Although the research performed by the FR AIB is essentially fundamental, the Federation is neverless very active in technological transfer thanks to its partnership with the industrial sector.

Thematics fields

The added value of the Federation is the possibility  to promote these 3 scientific fields in parallel and hence to strengthen interactions between mechanistic biological and ecological approaches. Research on cultivated plant development and model plants in interaction with their biotic and abiotic environments (symbiotic microbes and pathogens): mechanisms impacting biodiversity at various levels from individuals to populations, communities and ecosystems and global change adaptation of animal, plant and microbial species.

Technology transfer >>>

  • An environmentally responsible agriculture
  • Innovation in plant biotechnology
  • The development of tools for the management of the environment and of sustainable biodiversity
  • Technological innovation with  cutting-edge platforms providing services to both the public and private scientific communities

Contracts and patents

A comprehensive report for the period 2006-2014 was realized during the HCERES evaluation in 2014. Concerning contracts and patents.