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ECTOPYR: the Pyrenean ectotherms indicators of climate change

ECTOPYR: the Pyrenean ectotherms indicators of climate change
Fabien Aubret, researcher at the SETE laboratory, recently launched a European cross-border cooperation project INTERREG POCTEFA named ECTOPYR, which aiming ats to benefiting from the cross-border distribution of Pyrenean ectotherms vertebrates and use them as biological indicators of climate change.

The Pyrenees are increasingly affected by climate change. In this context, human societies across the borders must keep track of and adapt to the changes. ECTOPYR offers a novel and ambitious strategy in this regard; that is to use a panel of 8 ectotherm organisms as bio-indicators of climate change, occurring from low-land streams to high-altitude rock-fields. ECTOPYR will generate range maps for each model organism in order to rapidly:

  1. assess each bio-indicator’s response to climate change,
  2. describe the natural variability of the Pyrenees’ climate over vast time scales,
  3. generate modelling tools in order to help anticipating the effects of climate change on each model organisms.

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