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Faits marquants 2010


Autoacetylation of the Ralstonia solanacearum effector PopP2 targets a lysine residue essential for RRS1-R-mediated immunity in Arabidopsis

Plant and animal bacterial pathogens have evolved to produce virulence factors, called type III effectors, which are injected into host cells to...
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Vignette fait marquant

The Medicago truncatula E3 Ubiquitin Ligase PUB1 Interacts with the LYK3 Symbiotic Receptor and Negatively Regulates Infection and Nodulation.

LYK3 is a lysin motif receptor-like kinase of Medicago truncatula, which is essential for the establishment of the nitrogen ...
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vignette fait marquant

AtsPLA2-α nuclear relocalization by the Arabidopsis transcription factor AtMYB30 leads to repression of the plant defense response

During evolution plants have developed sophisticated mechanisms to recognize attacking organisms and to translate this perception into an adaptive...
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vignette gaulin

Crinklers effectors, new intracellular weapons of oomycete plant pathogens

Oomycete are fungal-like organisms causing highly destructive diseases that negatively impact commercial and subsistence agriculture worldwide....
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